Our price list

PRICE LIST Discounst of up to 20% depending on the volume

Reg.8mm, & Super8 & Film 
Reel Size                 Price  
3" (50ft) 3min/750MB    $20.00 each 
5" (200ft) 12min/3GB    $40.00 each 
7" (400ft) 24min/6GB    $80.00 each 
16mm Film $0.25 per foot
Video and Camcorder Tapes
Tape Type Price VHS, SVHS & VHSc NTSC & PAL $20.00/tape($10 per additional 2hr of tape) ADD $5.00 for PAL format Video8, Hi8 $20.00/tape
Digital8 NTSC & PAL $20.00/tape (ADD $5.00 for PAL format)
MiniDV NTSC $20.00/tape Betamax NTSC $20.00/tape DVCAM NTSC $35.00 per hour
DVD to MP4 $20.00 Each Betacam & DigiBeta $45.00/tape
35mm Slides & Negatives . We crop and enhance each Slide /Negative or picture.
Order Size 1200dpi 2400dpi 3600dpi 1-99 Slides/negs $0.955/slide $0.1.05/slide $1.255/slide 100-999 Slides/negs $0.75/slide $0.95/slide $1.15/slide 1000+ Slides/negs $0.60/slide $0.80/slide $1.00/slide Specialty negs $1.50/slide $1.60/slide $2.10/slide Loose photo scanning Order Size 300dpi 600dpi 1200dpi 2400dpi 1-99 Photos $0.60/pic $0.70/pic $0.80/pic $0.90/pic 100-999 Photos $0.55/pic $0.65/pic $0.75/pic $0.85/pic 1000+ Photos $0.30/pic $0.40/pic $0.50/pic $0.60/pic Photo Albums $1.50/page $2.00/page $2.50/page $3.00/page Large Format $5.00/pic $7.50/pic $10.00/photo $12.50 / photo Audio recordings Recording Type Price Compact Cassette  $20.00 each MiniCassette $20.00 each Microcassette $20.00 each MiniDisc $20.00 each Record/LP $20.00 each Reel-to-reel $20.00 each/hour 8Track $20.00 each/hour CD to MP3 $10.00 each